We provide complete integrated Trunkey Solutions, which includes, Construction Execution and Management, Engineering Services and management, interior design, external development, Design & Management Consultancy, Projects Management, and Solar & alternate energy solutions. In addition, we can also provide banking, financing and tax solutions / services, related to our core Services mentioned above

Our Integrated Trunkey solution areas are designed to address both industry-specific and business process as per the requirement of the clients. We integrate appropriate strategy, technology and process components within a client-centric model for complete benefit and one window operations.

ABA Associates provides the following Business Execution and Advisory Solutions:

Design Management

Our team has the expertise in structural design, architecture, and interior design. We efficiently manage all available resources and possess knowledge of market standards and reputable architects.

Construction Execution and Management

We construct, develop and implement Engineering services with solutions that help our clients reduce costs, improve margins, and compete more effectively.

Project Management Solutions including Banking & Financing and Tax Advisory.

Our Project Management services include working with the complete execution cycle, which will involve much more than planning and monitoring. We will manage resources, manage risks, manage trainings, manage clients, manage contractors – we will manage all aspects of the project. Our project management is different from routine approaches because we not only focus on planning and monitoring projects, but also prioritize resource management to reduce costs for both parties involved.

We work with clients to provide a robust, innovative financial vision centered on value creation. We work creatively with executives to identify where finance can create value, to shape strategies designed to enhance that value, and to determine business intelligence tools that will extract value.

We leverage operational strategies and “best practices” in business processes, combined with enterprise technology and software products. We develop and implement banking solutions that help our clients reduce costs, improve margins, and compete more effectively.

With an understanding of project and construction, our Tax Advisory team, with thorough knowledge of tax regulations and an understanding of changing tax approaches, helps our clients realize financial planning opportunities and meet their compliance responsibilities.

Resources Management

Our team, with thorough knowledge of available resources and understanding of the market, can arrange the resources in all our expertise areas. We can also provide assistance in navigating changing tax approaches to help our clients realize financial planning opportunities and meet their compliance responsibilities.

Real Estate Management

Our experienced team has knowledge of all real estate in all over Pakistan, including the road network, including motorways, which may shape future business hubs. We can provide you with the best solutions tailored to your requirements in business or business network development.

Solar and Alternate Energy Solutions

The world is moving towards cheaper and effective alternative energy solutions, and this becomes more important in Pakistan. The solutions include solar, inverter, and generator solutions. Keeping in view the importance and effectiveness, we can design and develop efficient alternate energy systems for our valuable clients, combining all energy resources. Our aim is to provide maximum benefit to the client.

Asset Management Solutions

Our AMS consultants work with clients to provide solutions across Asset Lifecycle Management.

We understand the importance of the Clients Assets diligent evaluation and providing solutions for Assets registry, operations and maintenance, and disposal or replacement strategies.

Integrated Management Systems Solutions

Our IMSS team measures the effectiveness of your existing operations and services against internal and industry benchmarks.

We deliver business process reengineering with a focus on continuous performance improvement while implementing Integrated Management Systems based on recognized international management system standards with qualitative and quantitative performance indicators.

We deliver e-business strategies to move work to the web, cut costs, and boost strategy.

Risk Management Solutions

Our Risk Management team with knowledge of business and its allied regulations provides the optimum market solutions to efficiently and effectively manage your organization’s risks.

We deliver services to identify, analyze, prioritize and control the strategic, credit, market, structural, operational, or reputational risks associated with your organization.

Business Development

Our team can evaluate and identify hidden opportunities to grow the business and expand the business network. We can also help develop new business in saturated markets and find new markets for business growth.